How to plant grass in your garden

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful lawn bordering your house? Well, nothing could be simpler.

To sow your lawn you can use a seeder or if your plot is not very large, do it by hand. First, use a claw and a spade to scratch and dig up the soil to break up any clods.

Then proceed by hand or with the drill to sow the seeds. There are many types of seeds. The choice will depend on the type of grass you want to have (density, color ...). Do not hesitate to seek advice from a gardener when making your purchase.

Then arm yourself with a rake and rake the lawn so that the seeds escape well into the earth. All you have to do is water and wait for your grass to grow.

If despite everything, your lawn does not take, you can opt for another technique. It is possible to roll out sod directly on level ground. This technique can be used at any time of the year. The best is that it rains quickly after installation for the grass to take root effectively. The disadvantage of this technique remains its still high cost. To know when to plant sod see the article "When to plant grass ".

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