When to plant an olive tree

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful olive tree in your garden but you do not know when to put it in the ground? So follow these explanations.

When to plant the olive tree will depend on the region where you are planting it and the soil in your garden. Although it is known for its great robustness, the olive tree is very fearful of frost . It is therefore possible to plant this tree at any time of the year as long as it does not freeze. However, prefer a period when the soil is warm so that it takes root effectively and that it resists winter more easily . Take care if you plant it during periods of high heat, be sure to water it regularly for the first 4 months . The best time of the year for planting an olive tree will therefore be between March and July .

To know the different stages of the olive tree planting process, go to our article "How to plant an olive tree".

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