How to light a fireplace or stove

To light a good fireplace or light a stove, there are mainly two methods, that considered "traditional" and that using petrochemical or electrical assistance.

Some prerequisites are necessary:

  • the chimney flue must be swept in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • The wood must be very dry, this is the main condition for the fire to start.
  • The fire must have access to sufficient oxygen.
  • Don't forget to keep the fire going so that it lasts. That is to say replace the logs, put more wood before the fire goes out.

If these conditions are met, let's now detail the two methods:

I. The old-fashioned way

To allow combustion to start, you will need:
- matches, newspaper, small twigs and dry branches.

1. Make balls of paper with 5-6 newspaper pages each time. Place them at the back of the fireplace.

2. Add the small twigs and branches on top. The smallest should be below and the larger ones above.

3.You can now put your logs there. It is up to you to see if you prefer to put them horizontally or in the shape of a tipi, the important thing is that there is good air circulation and that the logs are quite close to one of them. the other to keep a strong heat.

4. Remember to open the flue hatch.

5. Light a sheet of paper that you have placed on top of the logs to activate the draft of air through the duct. This will reduce the amount of smoke released into the room when the fire is started.

6. Finally, light one of the paper balls that you have placed at the back of the fireplace. The fire should catch well.

The method with ignition assistants

There are cubes that allow you to light the fire. They are a compound of plant materials that have been soaked in petrochemicals. Compared to the previous device, just replace the newspaper with these fire starter cubes, the fire should start even easier.

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