How to lay linoleum

 Linoleum can be applied to most surfaces (concrete, parquet, tiles, etc.), which makes this material very practical. Well known for its economic side and its ease of installation, you must nevertheless master certain techniques to ensure a perfect installation.

Material needed to lay lino:

- Sheets for the template

- Marker pen

- Cutter

- Adhesive corresponding to the surface to be covered

- Floor roll


First of all make sure that the floor on which you want to lay the linoleum is perfectly flat, dry and clean.

Then make the template of the room in which you want to lay the linoleum. To do this, we recommend that you spread sheets of paper on the floor of the room until it is completely covered. Secure the sheets together with adhesive tape. Extend the linoleum in a larger room and lay the template on it. Trace the outline of the template with a marker, leaving a few centimeters of margins all around this template. Cut the linoleum by following the drawn lines.


Position the linoleum in the final room. Cut the lino that goes up the wall with a cutter.

Once the cut is made, coat the floor with the adhesive corresponding to the surface to be covered. Start by putting glue on half of the room and then place the lino on it. Do the same for the second half.

You can finish by chasing the air bubbles from the center to the ends using a floor roller for example.

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