How to paint a door

Want to freshen up your door? It's possible !

1. Prepare your site

Can you take the door off its hinges?

You will then need to prepare a space protected from traces of paint, and where you can install your door horizontally. The ideal material:

  • 2 tripods to place the door,
  • tarpaulin or newspaper to protect the floor
  • painter's tape to protect the hinges

You cannot remove the door, where would you like to repaint the frame with?

It will be important to protect the floor, walls and any furniture that could be hit by paint. Tarpaulin or newspapers and painter's tape will be your allies. If a splash accidentally occurs, you can always correct it with a sponge or a little bit of sandpaper.

painting door2

2. Prepare your door

In order for the new paint to adhere, it is important to properly prepare the door by removing any existing paint residue. Use sandpaper, more or less strong depending on the material that makes up your door. Remove any remaining dust with a soft, dry cloth.

Quick tip: If possible, remove the latch for easier sanding and painting.

3. Make way for painting!

For an even application, prepare the paint well by turning it with a stick and disgorging the roller on a paint rack. If you have a flat door, the little roller will be great. With many edges or molding, consider accompanying it with a brush, for more precision.

Apply the paint, also chosen according to the material of your door, from top to bottom. Start at the upper angles then work your way up to the lower ones. Finish on the sides, carefully spreading the paint to avoid any overload or sagging. Let dry then apply a second coat if necessary.

painting door3

We summarize the material  :

  1. tripods, tarpaulins or newspaper, painter's tape, a sponge
  2. sandpaper, a soft cloth, a screwdriver (to remove the hinges or the latch)
  3. suitable paint, roller and / or brush, paint grid

Add a little time and elbow grease, your door will get a makeover!

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