How to properly lay skirting boards

To properly lay plinths, use the following tutorial. The baseboards installed on the bottom of the walls have many uses:

- cover the gap between the wall and the parquet

- achieve a clean finish

- protect the walls


There are two methods for installing skirting boards: Nail installation and glue installation


Gluing installation


Necessary material :

- A wood saw and miter

- sanding paper

- square, ruler and pencil

- wood mastic glue gun.


Cutting the plinths

Pay close attention to the direction of the cut. Lay the plinth along your wall until you reach a corner. Draw a line perpendicular to the location of the cut and a second line to mark the direction of the cut. Use a saw to cut out the baseboard. Sand the area where the baseboard was cut to remove minor cutting defects.



You can cut the plinths at an angle to make the joints more aesthetic. So the plinths will overlap rather than follow each other.


Corner joint

For a more aesthetic appearance, make the 45 ° cuts as explained in the section "Cutting the plinths".

Glue the baseboards to the wall using wood mastic glue.

If this technique does not suit you, you can use nailing.


Installation by nailing

Only the technique of fixing to the wall and the necessary material differs from the technique by gluing.


Necessary material : plinths_nailing

- A hammer

- Nails

- A nail chaser

- A saw

- Sanding paper

- A meter and a level


Fixing the plinth to the wall

Use man-headed nails. These must be at least twice as long as the thickness of the plinth. Be careful to drive your nails at distances that do not split the wood. Place the nails about 5-7cm from the side edges of the plinths and about 15mm from the top and bottom edges. Space the nails about 30 cm apart along the length of the plinth.

With the baseboard installed, use a nail set to hide the tips.



For a more successful aesthetic effect, cut the plinths at an angle using a saw as explained in the first method. The joints are made in the same way as for the technique by gluing.

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