How to properly prepare interior design

Have you finally bought or rented your new apartment or house, but you do not know how to best arrange these large empty spaces?

You certainly don't want to move your space furniture 1000 times, so you have to find another solution.

First, measure the size of all your rooms 

roughly reproduce your rooms by drawing them on a sheet of paper noting the length of each wall. Then, write down on this sheet the dimensions of all your furniture (cupboards, tables, bed, etc.).

Once these annotations are taken, all you need to do is download the free Sweet Home 3D software.

Sweet Home 3D is software that will allow you to easily reproduce your apartment or house in virtual 3D.

You will be able to reproduce your rooms first and then introduce your furniture. This will give you a realistic view of your sweet home once it has been rearranged.

You can modify all the furniture as you wish and very easily to have a vision of the best possible configuration to place your furniture.

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