How to fold a shirt quickly

Who has never had a hard time folding their shirt for storage in a closet or luggage?

For people who are skilled with their hands, there is a technique that allows you to fold your shirts and shirts in 2 seconds. For this, follow the technique described in this video with the instructions written below:


1. Lay the shirt out flat right side up.

2. Draw an imaginary first line from left to right of the shirt

3. On the right shoulder side, draw a second imaginary line, from bottom to top.

4. At the intersection of these two lines, mark a point A.

5. At the top of the second line, mark a point B.

6. At the bottom of the second line, mark a point C.

7. Take point A with your left hand and point B with your right hand with your fingertips.

8. Fold the t-shirt so that point B lines up with point C.

9. Without letting go of point A or point B, bring point C towards you.

10. Rotate the t-shirt to the left side.

11. Spread it out folded on your back.

With this method, you can now put away your shirts, t-shirts, sweater and polo shirt in 2 seconds flat.

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