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How to apply wallpaper?

How to apply wallpaper?


Above all, be aware that you need to arm yourself with patience to put your new wallpaper correctly. As a first step and if it is not yet done, remove the old wallpaper (but tedious installation will be more effective) and prepare your wall.

Wall Preparation


- Equipment required for takeoff:

* Stripper
* Spatula and plaster patching
* Sandpaper & Wipes
* A bowl of water
* A wire brush and a sponge
* A knife painter


- Equipment required for installation:

* Suitable adhesives to paper
* Brush
* Spatula
* Pasting tables
* Brush with squeegee
* Cutter, scissors, ruler and meter


To facilitate this, bring a tool to remove wallpaper (available in some rental stores). In this case, dry the walls before continuing.

To save money, it's possible to remove the wallpaper with the traditional way.

Note that there are several types of wallpaper!


In the case of a washable wallpaper, proceed as follows:

* Rub the wallpaper with a wire brush.
* Use your sponge to generously soak the wallpaper with water.
* Peel back the wallpaper with a knife painter while paper is moist.
* Use hot water if the wallpaper resists.


In the case of vinyl wallpaper:

* These wallpapers are composed of two layers. Remove the top layer with a knife (Dry) by pulling upward.
* With regard to the remaining layer on the wall, you can either leave and put your new wallpaper over either remove it by process method washable wallpaper above.

The old wallpaper is removed, take your spatula and with it, spackle to fill any holes and cracks. Then sand the wall to remove the remaining coating or mold damage (save possibly the anti-mold). Finally make sure to dust off the wall.

Calculating number of rolls of wallpaper needed for your wall (1 roll is 10 m * 0.53 m)

- Begin by measuring the entire area to be covered. A roll measuring 0.53 m, just divide the perimeter of your area by 0.53. You get the number of strips needed to cover your surface.

- Then measure the top of your wall, adding 10cm to the cut.

- Calculate the number of strips that you can get in a roll. For a wall height of 2.40 m -> 10 = 2.40 + 2.50 m. A roll bar 10 m. For a wall of 2.40 m, we can make 4 strips (10 / 2.50 = 4).

After cutting different widths necessary, proceed to step sizing.



- Stack them on a different table. Pull the first strip to you, so if you''re gonna outflank with glue, it will be either in vacuum (forward) or on the stripe right below (backward).


- Glue the first half of it (using the brush to glue) and fold in on itself. Repeat with the second half. Glue from the center toward the edges and in insisting on the edges. Let the paper soak about 10 minutes. For the following, let ihe paper soak while you're putting another one on.




- Unfold half of the width expected to be on the top of the wall.

- Hold it by the two top corners

- Lay it on the wall by protruding a few centimeters.

- Drive out the air bubbles with a brush from the center to the edges.

- Unfold the other half of the wallpaper in ensuring that the top does not move.

- Drive out the remaining air bubbles with the brush.

- Put the next papers alongside with the previous one.

- Remove the paper that exceeds on the top and bottom with a cutter and a ruler.

- Clean up glue excesses.


That's it, your wallpaper is put on your wall!