Home House Interior work How to put the tile on the ground?

How to put the tile on the ground?

How to put the tile on the ground?

The tiling is not difficult but requires good preparation and compliance with certain steps.

Materials needed:

- Tile-cutter

- Braces

- A rubber mallet

- A trowel

- A notched trowel

- A bubble level

- Mortar-paste


Before starting the installation, first make sure that your support is perfectly flat, clean and dry.

If your soil contains traces of moisture or mildew, treat with anti-moisture and mold resistant.

If your floor is not flat, it must conduct a réagréage.

In the case of a very porous surface, apply a layer of mortar or with spackle and let dry before installation.



There are several ways to place your tiles. It is possible either from the center of the room is the entrance.

Spread the adhesive mortar with a trowel over an area of about 1m square each time. So that the tile adheres well, use your notched trowel to make grooves in the adhesive.

Place the first tile by tapping it with the rubber mallet to secure it.

Apportionable then braces at each corner of the tile. Place the next tile against one of the braces and continue doing the same for each tile.

Once this small area is completed, pack the tiles with the mallet.

Proceed in the same manner until all that your surface is tiled. Check the flatness of the ground with a spirit level and before the glue dries. So you can press the tiles for your applanation surface if necessary.

The choice of the width of the links will depend on the tiles. More tiles are bigger, the joints will be too. For tiles 10 * 10 cm, opt for a joint of 2 to 3 mm. For tiles 20 * 20 cm, prefer joints 3 to 5 mm. For tiles 30 * 30 cm, select joints 5 to 10 mm and so on ...