How to reduce the fuel consumption of your car

Here are some simple techniques to reduce the consumption of your vehicle

1. Travel at 110 km/h on the highway.

Decreasing your speed on the highway will reduce your fuel consumption because friction with the air will be reduced, so the car will need less energy to propel itself. The engine will also run slower, reducing your fuel consumption.

2. Change gears below 3000 rpm

This technique is applied on flat ground. never go up in towers to change gears. The ideal being that the engine is found at 2000 revolutions per minute once the higher gear is passed.

When going uphill, it will be necessary to go up a little more in the turns before changing gears. This is so that the car is not under revs when you have shifted to higher gear.

When going downhill, to save a little more fuel, you can upshift to 2500 rpm.

3. Downshift in climbs

The under-speed causes unburnt in your engine because the fuel combustion is not complete. Your vehicle is then "wasting" fuel which will not be used to produce motive power. It is therefore important to never be under-revving (for petrol cars, the bar is around 2000 rpm and for diesel at 1700-1800 rpm).

On the climbs, it is better to lose a little speed and be in a good relationship with your speeds (around 2,500 rpm).

4. Use the engine brake on descents

Many rumors circulate about the fact that it would be necessary to put the neutral point when one is in a descent or even to turn off the engine (which is dangerous because you lose the power steering and therefore of the handling). Neither of these two techniques is valid.

When going downhill, to avoid using the brake too often and to save fuel as much as possible, downshift to the lower gear to use the engine brake. The engine will drive the wheels and you will have almost zero fuel consumption (in neutral, the car consumes about a liter per hour).

5. Find the cheapest gas station near you.

This trick will not make you use less gasoline but you will pay less for it. There are many website on the web to find the cheapest gas station around you.

Also, don't forget your common sense. If you earn two cents per liter but have to travel 30 kilometers to get to the station, is it really worth it?

6. Put in sixth gear from 90 km / h

In vehicles released in recent years, we find more and more the sixth gear. Do not hesitate to pass the sixth from 90 km / h on a flat road, you will see your instantaneous consumption decrease greatly. remember to downshift when you are on a hill or when passing.


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