How to eat cheaper at Mac Donald's ®

Are you a Mac Do fan and go there several times a month or even a week? There are several techniques that can either save you money or have freebies. Be careful, do not abuse these techniques or change McDonald's regularly to avoid being spotted.


Tips at the checkouts

If the person at the cash desk refuses you one of these techniques, do not hesitate and ask to speak to a manager. They will more often be inclined to accept your request. These tips are not guaranteed but to have tested them at least once, they work:

- use discount coupons from other brands (flunch, kfc, quick ...) to benefit from identical discounts.

- if you think you have waited too long in line, ask for a coffee or dessert as compensation.

- to get a hot hamburger made just for you, for example, ask for a hamburger without salad and without onions. So it will be prepared on purpose for you.

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