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How to do a threesome ?

How to do a threesome ?

This idea of ​​a threesome has been in your head for a while now, this widespread fantasy which excites you but which at the same time poses a real headache for you. Do you want to fulfill your threesome fantasy in the best conditions and not make it turn sour? For that, it will be necessary to follow some simple rules according to your situation, single or in couple. The threesome is the fantasy of more than one in two men and more than one in four women, so it's worth exploring the subject a bit.

The threesome is a subject often raised during discussions with friends. There are the refractory people who are fiercely opposed to it and the adventurers who want to brave the mystery that surrounds this act, it is therefore normal to want to try but also natural to be afraid of the possible consequences. We will not try here to change the point of view of anyone on the issue, but rather to direct people with this recurring fantasy and wishing to realize it to do so under the best possible conditions.

Here you will find a guide to the essential points not to be overlooked for the experience to be satisfactory if you decide to cross the course.

The question was approached according to the situation in which you find yourself, single or in couple, because the stakes and the way of doing things are completely different.


1. Make a threesome when you are single

2. Make a couple threesome


1. You are single


This is the most "simple" situation because it does not endanger a relationship. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make sure to do it with the right people. In most situations, a single person will make a threesome with an ex or a friend because generally, it is easy to talk about it with people who are emotionally close to us.
In addition, it is obviously easier to have to find only one additional person than to convince two people. But it may also be that you are the third person to whom you have asked for his services for an evening. Each situation implies different precautions to be taken:

a. Threesome with an ex

This situation is perilous in the event that one of the two ex is still having feelings for the other. Suddenly, the risk that this person does it to keep a bond with the other is great. In this case, the threesome can turn into a nightmare for the person concerned, especially in the days that follow. So, it is important that in this situation, the two ex saw water flow under the bridges relationally speaking. You have to be clear with your feelings and especially not to do it as the last chance to win back someone. The choice of the third person should preferably be made on an unknown person and with whom we will have the minimum of contact thereafter in case it goes wrong.

b. Threesome with a friend

The threesome with a friend can also be problematic if one of the two has a romantic attraction for the other because after this kind of experience, it is generally no longer possible to go back. It is a double-edged blade because it can make you even more complicit or create discomfort that did not exist before. This is why it is very important to talk about it before with the concerned.
As in the previous case, the best is to do it with an unknown person or with a distant friend, the other situations can add complexity. Above all, you must be sure to be on the same sexual wavelength as your friend and therefore discuss it a minimum before the act.

 c. Threesome with two strangers

It is the ideal situation to test this sexual practice. You are not emotionally involved with the people in the trio and a bad experience is not dramatic because you can cut the bridges without much difficulty. Although ideal, it is the most difficult situation to manage on the ground because you are in front of two strangers whose sexual tastes you do not know. So you have to have foolproof self-confidence, get to know each other well and be enterprising.

 2. You are in a couple

You spin a perfect love and you get along wonderfully in bed. This is why the widespread fantasy of the threesome crosses your mind. Do you think about it regularly and want to achieve it without hurting your relationship? It is possible but we will have to set several rules.

First of all, making a threesome when you are in a relationship involves a wide sexual opening. You have to be able to differentiate between "couple sex", which allows you to build your bond over time, from "extravagant sex", which in this specific case will exceptionally involve the presence of a third person.
It is essential to know how to make this distinction and to understand that this fantasy is not a substitute for a fulfilled couple's sexuality, which is an essential basis for the realization of such a fantasy.
The sine qua non condition is to have an unshakable confidence in your sexuality as a couple, which allows you to be assured that your partner is fully satisfied with you in bed. Thus, you will be able to tell yourself that this threesome is only "caviar" which will exceptionally enhance your regular, healthy and varied "sexual food".
Generally a threesome involving a heterosexual couple will in most situations turn to a plan including a man and two women. This is due to the fact that the sapphic culture is more widespread and accepted in our society than male bisexuality and that is why most women have no embarrassment to imagine having an experience in bed with a woman. So we will talk about this situation first and then we will see the situation with two men and a woman.

a. The threesome with two women and a man (FFM)

The main obstacle to performing this action in a couple is the fact that the girl is generally afraid that the man will have more fun with the other girl than with her. But still, the fantasy is there. Why ? Because the girl feels excited to be able to realize her sapphic fantasy without putting aside carnal pleasures with a man and she very rarely imagines watching her man making love with another woman.
The solution is therefore to set rules so that the couple's wife has total control during the act. Obviously, you will have taken care to choose an unknown or almost unknown girl who appeals to the two people of the couple. For everything to go well, it is the daughter of the couple who must be at the center of interest and it is even advised that the man initially avoids extensive contact with the unknown girl.
One can even easily imagine that for this first experience, there is no sexual contact between the added man and woman and that this is established as a rule. The act must be turned towards the daughter of the couple, it is very important that the two girls first realize their sapphic desires without a possible jealousy can be created, due to the contacts between the man and the added woman.
The preliminary games must therefore be created between the two women who will let their excitement mount. As for the man, he will play a spectator role which will motivate and put girls at ease with subtle caresses, oriented mainly towards his partner.
It will be up to the couple's wife to decide on the progress of the act. If she really does not want the man to have contact with the other woman, the man will have to respect his choice. This first step is essential for the woman of the couple to feel confident. It will then be up to her to decide if the man should play a more important role, for example by penetrating her while the woman adds the caress or the kiss.
This maximum avoidance of contact between the man and the added woman reduce the chances that the experience goes wrong and despite everything, the man will have had a good experience.
After taking stock of this first experience, a discussion will be necessary to know if the fantasy was satisfactory, if it should be renewed and under what conditions if necessary.
By following these tips, you should have a pleasant first threesome experience.

 b. The threesome with two men and a woman (MMF) 

It is becoming more and more common for women to imagine having sex with two men even if this case represents a minority of situations (around 10% of women have this fantasy). It is clearly exciting for a woman to have the attention of two men. A lot of advice given for the previous situation can be repeated even if the way of approaching the act is completely different. Indeed, a man rarely has the fantasy of this type of experience and will often do so only to please his partner or to get the counterpart (FFM).
If you have finally agreed to do it, however, be very careful about how it will go.
Choose an absolutely unknown man, who cannot be contacted again later and who cannot be considered a rival by the man, but who must please both people all the same.


As in the previous situation, for the first experience, it is largely preferable to set oneself as limit that the added man and the woman do not have pushed sexual contact. The act should therefore be limited to light caresses, kisses, but sexual contact with the added man could block and traumatize the companion at first. As before, it is necessary that this first experience is a test of tolerance to what everyone wants.
If the experience proves satisfactory, the man can decide on the evolution of this fantasy in accordance with his companion.
But above all, in all the situations mentioned above, it is necessary to have an in-depth discussion beforehand.
At the fateful moment, optionally, you can take a small boost to break down the discomfort and social barriers. But don't overdo it either so as not to hide behind the alcohol excuse if things don't go your way.
You are now ready to approach the fantasy of the threesome in the best way.
Never forget that the most important thing is respecting each other's wishes and never force anything on the other if you are not sure that your partner completely agrees.


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