How to approach a girl

Every day you run into this delicious girl on your way to college or on the metro. As usual you let her go without having done anything other than staring at her like a vulture, taking care that she does not notice you. Congratulations! You have done very well! But something tells me that you would love a little more than the sight of her beautiful forms.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? So I will give you here some advice to stop letting your life slip through your fingers and allow yourself, if you have the motivation to achieve more easily what you want.

1. Stop postponing everything until tomorrow!

Do you feel reassured that you haven't approached a girl because you are almost certain that you will have a second chance? Here is the first mistake, this vision of things will lead you to postpone the crucial moment of the collision all the time and believe me, there will be a day when you will not see it again. So you absolutely have to set a goal.

If you see this girl regularly, tell yourself that THE next time you meet her, you will talk to her.

2. Appear normal.

The girl you covet is surely far from ugly, so chances are she gets approached several times a day by any rogue with very little tact. So you will need to stand out from this crowd.

First of all, you must not lie to yourself, the object of your lust will look at your physique and your dress style. So you can be the funniest and most interesting person in the world, if you have as much style as a Christmas tree bag, it's lost.

Take a little interest in fashion and buy clothes that look good on you.

3. Do not play a role.

Be natural, that's the key word. Always tell yourself that the girl you are planning to talk to will be as uncomfortable as you are, if not more so, so accept this stage fright that paralyzes you so frequently, it is completely natural and human.

When the moment comes when you approach her, try to appear as confident as possible. A girl will never want a jerk.

So yes the eternal question: what am I going to tell her ?

There is no universal answer to this question, it will depend on the moment. If you spotted something about it that intrigues you that marks you, use it to start the discussion (ex: a ring that you like, a necklace, shoes).

If nothing ever inspires you about what she is wearing, just tell her that you think she is cute and that you would like to know her. The request for the phone number should only be done if you feel a good feeling from him.

Above all, do not take a serious air, seduction must remain something fun. This is the only way that, in the event of failure, you do not come out devastated. Smile all the way, make her laugh, show her that you are someone who loves life and who does not try to settle down absolutely, do not pass for a "crevard". If you feel that she is not interested, too bad, you will have to help boost her ego, it will be your good deed of the day :-)

A refusal is just one more step towards success and no one has ever died of "taking a wind". If, after a refusal, you meet her again, you will quickly notice that she will be as embarrassed as you are, then do not lower your eyes, you have had the courage to dare and that is already very good. As they say, it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith.


4. Be clear about your intentions

Do not expect to have a positive result if you tell him about the rain and the good weather. You have to be fresh and funny while making her understand that you don't want to play marbles with her. It is very important that you give her a compliment so that she understands that you are interested in her. Don't go overboard, either. If you do too much, she will have a superior position over you and you can imagine that a girl does not look for someone worse than her.

Always start with the idea that it is you who are likely to enchant her life, never let an emotional lack show through. Your life is busy and it is you who will integrate your sweetheart in it, not the other way around. A person in demand cannot achieve anything good. You are the "price" and not the other way around.

Here are some basic tips to remember, a lot more can be said on the subject and there are specialized sites for that.

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