How to get a RIB in France

The bank identity statement (RIB : "Relevé d'identité Bancaire" in french) is a document bringing together the various information concerning a given bank account.

The RIB contains several useful information:
- Name and first name or company name of the holder.
- The account identifier: bank code (5 digits) + branch code (5 digits) + account number (11 digits) + RIB key (2 digits).
- The name of the establishment and the counter taking the account.

It also contains:
- The IBAN code.
- The BIC code.

RIBs are issued by banks:

- When opening an account.
- Each time you get a checkbook (the RIB is located inside the checkbook).
- On your account statement.
- At the counter of your bank where your account is registered.

It is also possible to retrieve a RIB at the ATM of your bank or by connecting to your internet banking service when the service is activated.

Using the RIB

A RIB will be requested by your employer for the payment of wages. Some organizations that have to pay you money will also ask for a RIB.
The RIB also automates payments by having you automatically withdraw the money from your account.

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