How to renew your identity card (french citizen)

Warning : this article concerns french citizens wanting to renew their identity card in France.

To renew your national identity card, go to the town hall where you live. The documents to present depend on the situation in which you are.

It is possible to request the renewal of your identity card before or after its deadline. Note that you will be asked to present your old identity card (if you have lost it or if it has been stolen, you will have to make a declaration of loss or theft). Your presence is mandatory for renewal.

Documents required

If you have a secure document (plastic identity card, biometric or electronic passport), you do not need to bring your civil status papers.

You'll need :

- Complete an application form delivered on site.
- Bring back the old identity card.
- If your identity card is cardboard, present your passport.
- 2 identical photographs respecting the latest standards in force.
- Proof of address.
- If you only have a carded identity card over 12 years old, present proof of civil status of less than 3 months (birth certificate, copy of marriage certificate).
Please note, these are the originals that you must present. You will be asked to provide photocopies of your originals.

Where to apply ?

- At the mayor.
- On the branch of the Paris arrondissement police headquarters for those who live in Paris.
- Embassy or consulate for those who live abroad.


Free except in the case of loss or theft.


Depends on the geographic location where you made the request.


Period of validity

10 years.

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