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How to fight against tiredness

Lutter contre la fatigue Lutter contre la fatigue

There are many things to do to fight against tiredness on a daily basis. This article will explain the best techniques to be always in shape and take full advantage of your days and your nights.


Fight against tiredness by food



Some foods will allow your body a better understanding of tiredness.



Energy inputwillbeprovided by carbohydrates. There are twotypes ofsugar,fastandslow. We should be avoidedtooingestfast sugars(alcohol, sodas...). These simple sugars are rapidly penetrating the blood but they are the source of blood glucose and these sugars are transformed into fat. While carbohydrates (bread, rice ...), diffuse slowly into the bloodstream and have a low glycemic index.



The best wayto ingestvitaminC isfrom food. Vitamin C is an energy supplier. It is found in fruits such as kiwi fruit, citrus, papaya ... Although less known, some vegetables are also rich in vitamin (tomato, lettuce, peppers, broccoli ....). To retain maximum vitamins, avoid these foods soaked in water.



It often lends a hand aphrodisiac spices but do not forget that they are very useful to give a boost to your organization. Ginger and saffron are wonderful invigorating as well as being an aphrodisiac.


Sleep well to fight against tiredness


Sleep is essential to be fit. For all the techniques to have a good sleep, go to our article "How to sleep well."


While recovering in the fight against tiredness


A good night's sleep a week is not enough to catch all the differences of nights. It is important to follow its rhythm and sleep cycle. It is important to anticipate the times of the year you will need more energy. Rest well and eat lightly before holiday periods. Sleep longer when the nights longer. Your body will thank you and your head too.