How to choose a good hosting for your website

Want to know what is the best hosting for your new website? You are right because hosting is a crucial point to facilitate navigation on your website by providing quick access to your website. There are tons of web hosts out there and not all of them are created equal. Hosting will play, among other things, on the loading time of your site and the faster your site will be to load, the more pleasant the navigation will be and the more visitors will come to your site.

Several criteria are to be considered in order to choose the type of accommodation you need. We have chosen not to talk about accommodation at home, we will discuss it in another article. After having refined your search criteria to choose your accommodation, you will find a non-exhaustive selection of hosts known for their reliability and good value for money.


1. Geo-location of the target audience

2. Budget to spend on accommodation

3. The different types of existing accommodation

4. Selection of hosts

1. Geo-location of the target audience


The first criterion to refine your search is the geo-location of visitors to your website. Thus, if your site is intended for a French audience, it is better to host your site with a host that has servers in France.

The proximity of the hosting and the target audience will reduce the response time of your site and the site will appear faster to your visitors. It is therefore necessary to find out about the geographical location of your host.

2. Budget to spend on accommodation

budgetIf your site is intended for a small audience, there is no point in taking professional hosting. If, for example, you are a local association and your site is intended primarily for members and future new members, there is no point in choosing accommodation costing more than fifty euros per year.

On the other hand, if you edit a website intended for a large audience (at least several tens of thousands of visitors per month), it will be interesting to take a more robust hosting. It is therefore now appropriate to discuss the types of accommodation most commonly encountered.

3. The different types of accommodation

shared hostinga. Shared hosting

If your website is aimed at a small to medium-sized audience, you will almost always prefer shared hosting. A shared hosting is in fact the rental of a small part of the hard drive on a server of a host. Shared hosting is generally inexpensive and has decent performance.

You won't have much room for customization of the hosting though, but the basic options are fine for the vast majority of cases.

It is this type of hosting that should be taken as a priority for your first sites, you can always switch to better hosting if the audience of your site grows.

b. Dedicated hosting (also called a dedicated server)

Do you edit an e-commerce site or your site is starting to have a significant influx (several tens of thousands of visitors per month)? It is then preferable to direct your choice towards a dedicated server. A dedicated server represents, in practice, the rental of an entire physical server from a host. The physical resources of this server will therefore be entirely dedicated to your hosting.

This type of hosting is generally expensive (between 50 and 400 euros per month for hosting with very good performance), which is why it should be reserved for sites with a real need for performance due to the high traffic observed or expected.

4. Selection of Internet hosts

hostersDid these few recommendations guide you in choosing your type of accommodation? It remains to be seen which host to choose. Here are selected hosts known for their reliability and having a good value for money :

- GoDaddy

- Ionos

- Bluehost

- HostGator

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