How to make the german "Eszett" letter (ß) on your keyboard

You want to type the ß letter (german Eszett) on your keyboard but don't know how? It's very simple, just do the key combination described below.

The letter ß is only used in the german language and can eventually be replaced with "ss" on your keyboard if the character is unavailable or capitalized

There is no key that exists to do the "Eszett" letter on other keyboards than german ones, but there are keyboard shortcuts that allows you to perform this combination on any keyboard. See below :

Make the Eszett letter (ß) on Windows :

  • Type the following key combination :  Alt + 0 2 2 3 : ß

The technique : Keep the Alt key pressed (key just to the left of the Space bar), then you successively type the numbers  0 2 2 3  then you finally release the Alt key, which will bring up the "Eszett" letter at desired location.

Make the Eszett letter (ß) on Mac / MacBook 

  • Type the following key combination : ⌥ Alt+ S : ß

The technique: Keep the Option ⌥key pressed, then type on the letter S, which will bring up the "Eszett" : ß at the desired location.

Info : On some Mac / MacBook keyboard configuration, the Alt ⌥ key can be named Option ⌥ 

If you want to make the symbol "Eszett" in HTML , you must type ß


I don't have a numeric keypad on my keyboard, what should I do? "

  • If you don't have a numeric keypad on your keyboard, make sure you have activated the function Num Lock . If not, press the Fn + button Num Lock

  • If you do not have the function Num Lock on your keyboard, try first pressing the key  Fn and then performing the combination with   Alt described in the previous paragraph.

  • If you still can't do it, don't hesitate to copy and paste the symbol from this article to the location of your choice.

I have a Mac / Macbook / Apple computer "

If you have a Mac / Apple keyboard, the technique is the same. The Alt ⌥ key can also be called  Option ⌥ but it is always the key just to the left of the Space bar.

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