How to change a car wheel

Changing a wheel on your car is easy if you just follow these steps. If you are on the road, be sure to switch on your hazard lights and position the safety triangle. Don't forget to wear the yellow safety vest .


1. Start by looking for your car's spare tire.

This is usually found in the trunk of the car. Some manufacturers provide a place under the car to position the spare wheel.

2. Loosen the bolts of the wheel to be changed using the cross key.

Attention, do not remove them, it is only a question of loosening them.

3. Use the jack to lift the car.

This can be in your trunk, in a hidden box near your engine or in another place provided by the manufacturer. Place the jack as close as possible to the punctured wheel.

4. Remove the bolts, then remove the flat tire and position the spare tire in its place.

5. Replace the bolts

Make sure to tighten them.

6. Lower the car from the jack then remove it.

Your wheel is changed. You are ready to go.



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