How to sell your cell phone on the Internet

Do you need cash fast? Or do you just want to change your phone to buy yourself the latest trendy cell phone? The Internet offers several interesting ways to do this.

Buying a new naked phone (without subscription) is very expensive (count for example 600 euros for an iPhone). This is why many people who want to buy a laptop without a subscription go through the opportunity. You thus have an important choice of site to resell your phone. We advise you to post ads on 3 types of sites

Auction sites

These sites offer to list your phone for a very low starting price. I advise you to start the sale at 1 euro to motivate the first bidders. You can set a reserve price to prevent your phone from being sold at too low a price. The auction will last for a few days and if at the end of the auction the highest auction price is lower than your reserve price, the sale is canceled. The most famous site of this type is of course Ebay .


Benefits: Ebay is the most visible site and so millions of people will have access to your phone's listing. Easy to access and quick.

Cons: Lots of phones are on sale and your cell phone may be drowned out among all the others. Quite high cost of selling. Additional cost for each option (reserve price, additional photos ...).


Ads sites

There are paid and free ad sites. The most used paid ad sites are Amazon and Priceminister . These two sites allow you to list your phone at the desired price. Describe your cell phone, set a price and you're good to go. Once someone has chosen to purchase your item, you will be credited with the amount in your account and simply send the item. This system at a significant cost since a commission will be deducted by the site on the amount of the sale.


Advantages: ease of sale, fast payment, many visitors to the site.

Disadvantages: deduction of a commission on the amount of your sale, a lot of advertisements hence strong competition.


In terms of free ad sites, I advise you to focus on the Leboncoin site. It works the same way as the paid sites mentioned above except that the basic ad is completely free. The only downside is that free access leads to more advertisements being published and your object may quickly disappear from the first pages of searches. Do not hesitate to create a new ad regularly in order to remain visible. To increase your chances of a sale, add as many photos as possible and of good quality. This will be the guarantee of your seriousness.


Mobile recycling sites

These sites are specialized in the repurchase of cell phones. Here your phone will be sold to the recycling site directly and at a fixed price. This price is decided by the site depending on your phone. To sell your phone on a site of this type, just go to Love2recycle or Magicrecycle . Then search for your phone and you will see at what price the site offers its buyback. All you have to do is register and send your cell phone to the site to collect your money. These sites then resell the phones in developing countries or recycle them by separating the materials that make up your phone. In addition to collecting money, you are doing something for the planet.


Advantages: fixed and insured selling price, possibility of selling a phone that no longer works, more citizen gesture.

Disadvantages: sale price often lower than other types of sites.


It's up to you to choose the method that suits you the most or that will allow you to earn the most money. Do not hesitate to compare these different methods.

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